Friday, December 3, 2010

William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls by Katie Nicholl

Why This Book: I have always loved the British royal family. My mom went to England a few years after the marriage of Diana and Charles and brought me home a doll of Princess Diana in her wedding dress. I just loved her! She had a fabulous train! Anyway, I loved her. I remember where I was when she died. I had just returned home from watching GI Jane with friends when Mom told me about the wreck in Paris. I watched the news the rest of the night and then the funeral coverage the rest of the week. I just find them all fascinating!
So, on Sunday morning, November 21, I saw the author on the Today show talking about her new book. I immediately requested it from the NPL. The next morning...the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton was announced. I'm so glad I requested this book before the news broke!
Revelation: I used to dream about marrying one of these brothers. I thought they were so great. I'm not so sure now. They both sound like hard-partying ladies' men (Harry more so). So, I think I have decided not to marry one of them (Gene will be relieved, I'm sure!).
Target Audience: This book was published by Weinstein books in New York. When reading this book, I thought the intended audience was Americans. Once, the author referred to cookies (as opposed to biscuits), a distinctly American term. Another time, she observed that Kate Middleton's parents had attended what, in America, would be called "public schools" (intake of breath in horror!).
Hmmm: What confuses me is this one quote about Harry which the Nicholl says came from an American: "He's so handsome. Cuter than William-I love his ginger hair" (277). I ask you: what American do you know who calls it ginger hair? We call it red hair. Interestingly enough, I heard it referred to this week as ginger hair on The Graham Norton show on BBC America; he's Irish not English, but still, it's not an American term.

Side Note: I just Googled this book to put a link here. The first hit was for Amazon. It pulls up on with a different picture on the cover. I wonder if they made any of the changes mentioned in Target Audience for the American book?
UK Amazon:
American Amzon:
Weird: On the American cover, William is looking away and Harry is facing the camera. The opposite is true of the UK version.

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