Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Exciting: I have read 42 books since I started this blog in October 2009! Yay! It has accomplished one of its goals: to hold me accountable for my reading.

This is book 2 in the Hunger Games trilogy (a word I taught to a VSBA Book Club member at last Thursday's meeting). I read about 50 pages of this and then got distracted with other things (like the previous book entry). When I picked it up again, I was engrossed. I had heard bad reviews of the rest of the series; not bad I guess, but I had heard that the remaining two were not as good as the first one. I did not find that to be true of this 2nd book. I really enjoyed it and am starting the 3rd one tonight; Natalie comes home soon, so I've got to get on it!

Natalie: Do you have a question for discussion or anything to guide me with as I think of what we shall discuss when you visit?

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