Monday, June 28, 2010

O, Juliet by Robin Maxwell

This book is a historical novel based on Romeo and Juliet. Maxwell moves the story to Florence of the 1480s and includes the Medici family in the work. Romeo and Juliet are 25 and 18 (respectively) and Juliet has been modernized and made into a feminist poetess.
I did enjoy this novel. I plan to try to do "If you liked this, then read that" book-talks next year when English classes finish reading their works. I found out about this book from a library journal. I would like to buy it for our library next year, but I am concerned about two scenes (p.126 and p.191-193). If you read this book, please let me know what you think about 14-year-old girls reading those pages.
Comment: Every time I read/watch Romeo and Juliet, I find myself thinking that it might work out this time. I know that is stupid of me, but I suppose that is the power of this story. I also feel that way about To Kill a Mockingbird. Question: Are there any books or movies that you feel this way about?

I am going to start including a link to the book's website (if available). The link for this book is at . By the way, this book is brand-spankin' new! I was the first to read it from the NPL.

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