Friday, September 10, 2010

Beastly by Alex Flinn

This book is a modernization of Beauty and the Beast: all versions. At first, the idea seemed odd to me to rewrite a fairy tale for young adults; then, I remembered library school. When we were in Children's Lit class and Mrs. Kinnersley pulled out those children's books, I (the stodgy high school person that I am) gave a groan. Then she started reading, and all the years fell away and the whole class was full of children where adults had been just a few minutes before. Children's books transcend age. The same is true of fairy tales. The same is true of this fairy tale that because this book.
Kyle Kingsbury is popular, good-looking, and cruel to those less-fortunate than he (i.e. ugly people). After one night of serious meanie-ness, he is turned into a beast guessed it...a witch. He will remain as a beast until he finds a girl to love him/kiss him and break the spell. You know the story, but this version has some interesting modernizations like chat rooms and a junkie-father.
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VSBA Voting: This book is good, but I think Black Box (see August) is still my favorite.

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