Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume I by Stephenie Meyer

-Art Adaptation by Young Kim
I think I would actually say this is my first manga. The pictures in the graphic novel are much more manga-like than in any of the other graphic novels I have read. This probably has to do with the artist being from South Korea. I like these pictures better than the ones I have seen in other manga works; the characters are manga-like (can't explain it in words, it's just a look), but their eyes are less huge and strange-looking.
I enjoyed this work. It follows the book, not the movie. Be warned: this work ends after the initial sparkly visit to the meadow; I will have to wait for Volume II (and more?) to know how it ends. (Good thing I own the whole set of books!)
Question: Does anyone else have a hard time looking at the pictures? I think I'm just a text person. The pictures don't add anything for me and I spend my time reading the text. (I never was a comic book person as a child.)

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