Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran

This book is the story of Nefertari, the daughter of Mutny and the niece of Nefertiti (see previous post about Nefertiti by Moran). This story covers her transformation from child to woman and her desire to be chosen as a wife by Ramses. I think this novel will be interesting to teenage girls. Even though Nefertari is looking for her place in the palace, all teenagers girls can identify with looking for their place in the world as they leave childhood and enter womanhood.
The cover of this book is beautiful. You can check out part of this work at

I had my tonsils removed a week ago tomorrow. On Friday, Bridget Riley delivered a get-well basket to my house with items from my co-workers at Overton. In the basket was a Nook and a cover, amongst other things! It is such a generous gift! I am figuring it out currently. It already had Pride and Prejudice loaded on it, so I may be rereading that soon.
Question: Any suggestions for books to download?

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