Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Artichoke's Heart by Suzanne Supplee

Timeframe: I read this book in its entirety on my trip from Nashville to Atlanta to San Juan, Puerto Rico. This includes all time at the airport, so it took about 8 hours. Obviously, I enjoyed this book!
Reason for Choosing this Book: I heard this author speak at last fall's TASL (Tennessee Association of School Librarians) Conference. She read her speech. When she first started reading, I though, "Oh my! This is going to be awful." I was so wrong. She's a great Southern author. She is from Columbia, Tennesee, though she lives in Baltimore now.
Identification: This book spoke to me at different times in life. It is about a girl living in Spring Hill, Tennessee (Joelton as a teen, Smyrna now, all places near Nashville but NOT Nashville...smaller but not small because of their proximity to Nashville). This teen was constantly aware of her weight (Me since 8th grade. Even when I was thin in high school, my weight has always been an issue for me.) She hits 190 pounds and knows things have to change (my weight pre-pregnancy). She drops to around 160 over the course of the book (me now). Her mom gets cancer and she struggles through those feelings (me 2 years ago). She even has a very critical aunt (so me!)! So, you see, this book just spoke to me.
Recommendation: Please read it. You may find that it speaks to you too.
You can read some about this book on the author's website at

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