Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon

Susan and I just finished book 5! I think we started it 3 months ago. We always listen to them (which is what I recommend anyone does because Davina Porter rocks a Scottish accent like no other!). The CDs for these books come in 2 sets of about 25 each. Toward the end of the first set, I started to lose interest. Susan pulled me along for a couple of CDs and got me going again. See, you should read with a friend!
This story is meandering and hard to assign a "plot" to, but I think it was fun anyway. I had hoped it would end the saga of Stephen Bonnet, but it didn't. It did start to clear up some Ian Murray-ness. It did create a relationship between Jamie and Roger (huzzah!). It just did a lot, and it all satisfactorily!
Gabaldon's blog references some good lines from this book. I will echo Allison who said, "My favourite line? From The Fiery Cross, when Jemmy asks if Jamie has balls, and Jamie replies 'Aye, lad, I have … But your Da’s are bigger.' Lord, how that man warms my heart!" I think that was my favorite line from this book. The whole post is available at
These books just make me happy. On to A Breath of Snow and Ashes!

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