Monday, April 25, 2011

Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund

This book is nominated for the 2011-2012 VSBA. I am starting to read them early!

I picked this one up first because I thought it looked like a historical fiction novel. I read the blurb on the book; it sounded like a teen love story, but nothing really to go on. As soon as I got into this book, I discovered that it is actually a work of science fiction. This is not my favorite genre, but I really enjoyed this book. It reminds me broadly of Stephenie Meyer's The Host in that it is a sci-fi story based on setting, but it is really a modern teen love story based on the plot.

This is the story of Dane, the rich son of a major leader in the universe, and Aerin, the fugitive daughter of a rogue trader. Based on their performance on an entrance exam, they are both placed in the most prestigious school in the universe: Academy 7. Dane needs to be there to be away from the shadow of his family and Aerin needs to be there because she has nowhere else to go. Initially the two conflict, but then...

I really did enjoy this book. On her webpage, the author states that this is part of a trilogy in her mind. I hope she publishes the rest!

I am hoping to change the format of our book club next year and, with the help of Limitless Libraries, have all of us read the same title at the same time. If we do, I really appreciate Anne Osterlund's posting questions on her webpage:

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