Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fawn by Robert Newton Peck

I found this book while weeding the collection a few weeks ago. It was on the list of books older than 20 years. I set it aside to take home for Dad because of the Mohawk brave on the cover. When I opened it to look at the copyright date (1975), I read this inscription on the facing page:
To the Black Watch who bled there.
To the Mohawk who starved there.
To the old man who saw me skin the rabbit."
This may seem a bizarre transcription to most, but to me and Susan, it fits right in with our Outlander series.
This book moved very slowly to me. It is character driven except the character seems so strange (stereotypical Native American) and solitary. I had a hard time getting into this and could only read about 10 pages a night.
Question: Do you think Native Americans and ancient Egyptians were really as austere as they are portrayed to be?
Weird: Check out Peck's weird bio on Wikipedia. See who was his best man at his wedding.
Up Next: Natalie Crowson asked me today if I have read The Hunger Games trilogy. I confess I haven't, though Megan Lee book-talked it well at last Thursday's book club meeting. The first book (The Hunger Games) is a nominee for this year's Volunteer State Book Awards, so this book will satisfy my book club quota for the month. Now, I must find a way to get all 3 books in the trilogy back in the library for myself before the Thanksgiving break!

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