Friday, December 11, 2009

Fallen by Lauren Kate

I read an advance review copy of Fallen by Lauren Kate (it was recently published on December 8). I finished it last week sometime. It is an attempt to steal some of that vampire thunder from teenage girls by refocusing it on fallen angels who are among us. Weird. I don't recommend it.
Strange idea that among the fallen angels there are good and bad fallen angels. The heroine, Luce (for this font), is reborn every 17 years and meets her fallen angel love, Daniel, right before she dies. When she finds out about his status as a fallen angel and their past loves, they always kiss and she is then consumed in fire as his punishment for telling his secret/loving a mere mortal. (Don't worry too much, though, because, like a phoenix, she will be reborn again and he'll meet in 17 years when she's 17 and just ripe for the kissing/fire consumption.)
Also included are references to one of the 24 elders living at the reform school with them (did I leave that bizarre detail out?) and speaking in tongues. (By the way, the last time I read the book of Revelation the elders were in the throne-room of God, not working as LIBRARIANS at a reform school.)
Question: Does anyone else find it strange to read a story about angels and 24 elders (Christianity), reincarnation (Buddhists and some Muslims), and a phoenix (myth)? Aren't those from opposing world views?

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  1. Umm...this book sounds really weird, sort of like when people are experimenting in the kitchen and start throwing all sorts of stuff together that should not be put in the same pot.