Thursday, October 29, 2009

My New Blog

I am sitting in a classroom at the main branch of the Nashville Public Library, which is probably my favorite building I have ever been in. I am at a conference for librarians. People are talking about the role of librarians in the modern school, and I realized that I have been avoiding major elements of modern technology. I am a librarian for crying out loud! I can choose to be the old-school bun-and-horn-rimmed-glasses-shhh type or I can choose to jump into the world of technology and become involved in things my students will actually encounter (while still wearing stylish horn-rimmed glasses). I am choosing the latter!
In this blog, I'll comment on life sometimes. I mostly plan to comment on the books I am reading to fill the hole left in my life by my not teaching in a traditional English classroom anymore.
I have visions of students following my blog to create booklists; hey, I dream big.

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